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Post Forum Poultry Breeder Directory
I have created this topic so that members seeking chickens are able to find out who breeds what. If you breed chickens simply make a post in this sticky with your name & what you breed.
Rather than posting email addresses (to avoid spam) if you want to get in contact with a breeder just hit the PM button below their post.
Also don't forget to include your location & if you sell day olds or fertile eggs etc.

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Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:28 am
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Post Re: Forum Poultry Breeder Directory
Our farm is located in Gundaroo NSW, which is on the outskirts of Canberra. All of our birds are free range and are fed high quality (mixed at home) scratch mix.

We keep large Barnevelders bred from Paul Healy's birds in Tasmania. These have been selectively bred over the last 20 years to improve their laying ability and make them more dual purpose - which is what they originally were. They are bred to the dutch standards (dual purpose etc) rather than Australian showing standards. The show lines are pretty but don't lay well and are often smaller than the original strain.

We also breed large Blue & Black Orpingtons which are the classic English barnyard fowl. Being large and fluffy makes them great winter layers.

We sell fertile eggs regularly.

Day old chicks are hatched to order.

Young pullets & breeding trios are available occasionally but we don't normally sell them as we are busy improving our lines.

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Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:31 am
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Post Re: Forum Poultry Breeder Directory
Lindon Estate poultry enjoy the freedom to roam free over naturally growing native grasses each and every day.
We do not plant or cultivate pastures, nor do we artificially fertilise.

Each evening, the poultry return to their 10 acre large enclosure for a top up on the day’s foraging with high quality scratch mix before heading to bed where a safe environment away from predators is provided.

Lindon Estate’s poultry are not fed hormones or antibiotics, delivering exceptional natural produce.
Our poultry coops do not contain artificial lights or artificial heat to encourage unusually high egg numbers.
Our girls lay eggs according to their natural cycle, producing fewer eggs during the winter months which allow their bodies to rest, promoting better long term health.

Chickens who make their home at Lindon Estate are Australorps, Leghorns, Austra Whites and our “homebrand” we call Leggie Lorps.
Our ducks are made up by large Muscovies with Fawn & Blue bantam Mallards and they enjoy swimming on a large dam while foraging around the water’s edge all day.

And keeping our poultry areas free from snakes while alerting the poultry to potential danger are our Pearl Grey and Lavender Guinea Fowl. They also roam free but bed down with the chooks of a night.

The property is located between Tarago and Braidwood NSW, close to the coastal ranges. Officially named on 1 July 2008, Lindon Estate boasts 100 acres of virgin land which continues to remain untouched by cultivation and chemicals.

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Mon Feb 07, 2011 12:25 pm
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Post Re: Forum Poultry Breeder Directory
Hi there to everyone.
I have just joined this forum as I was so impressed with the amount of info that is available.
I am probably a novice to some but I have a lovely trio of double laced brown barnies (whom I love to bits)
I have just hatched my third clutch and most of them were "Fat Alberts" offspring from the cross bred hens but sadly only seven made it due to some horrendous thunder storms out here that created enough vibration to be tragic.
Although in saying that I have just hatched my first purebred Barnies and all my other chicks are by "Fat Albert" the rooster, and his harem of Plymouth Rock/Rhode Island Red hens. I do think there is a little Orpington Buff amongst them and the chicks are really lovely. :cheersarm
I also purchased a trio of (at the time 3 week old) cream Legbars.
With them I was given a couple of little legbar crosses and they are now rising 4 months.
Very much the characters I must say :roll:
They are a very impressive bird.
I am looking forward to chatting with everyone but would love to know if anyone has for sale 3 or 4 working double laced Brown barnie hens. I read some of the forums and I like some think the silver laced wyandottes are gorgeous.
Love the old fashioned chubby chook.
I will post some pickies soon of my babies.
I am not into showing birds but just wish to produce a nice old fashioned well natured bird that people can afford and enjoy.
We are near Wagga.
Hope to hear from some future chicken fans soon
Bye for now

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Thu Oct 20, 2011 5:15 pm
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Post Re: Forum Poultry Breeder Directory
Located between Yass and Gunning about an hour from Canberra. At Burrow Downs out birds free range in our large orchard during the day and are fed quality feed (Red Hen).

We have Bantam Salmon Faverolles - a larger dual purpose bantam producing good sized eggs. The Faverolles is a French breed of chicken used as a utility breed known for their excellent table qualities and superior egg laying during winter months. They are a pretty bird with a beard and muff, feathers on their feet and five toes instead of the usual four. Known to be a quiet bird, they are fairly easy to handle and make excellent chickens for children or suburban back yards. We will be hatching eggs in the next month and will hopefully have birds available at various times once we have identified our 'keepers'.

We will also be hatching Belgian d'Uccle Bantams so may potentially have some of these available for sale as well. The Belgian Bantams have a tiny stature with a pert, upright carriage and whiskery owl-like faces (they are very cute!! :D ). Their small size and docile nature generally means easy handling and with their feather legs it is claimed they do little damage if kept in a back yard or garden.

File comment: Bantam Salmon Faverolles
faverolles2.JPG [ 268.45 KiB | Viewed 3062 times ]
File comment: Bantam Salmon Faverolles hens
faverolles3a.JPG [ 247.5 KiB | Viewed 3062 times ]

Burrow Downs - the Blog!- Life on a small farm

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Fri Oct 21, 2011 10:12 am
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Post Re: Forum Poultry Breeder Directory
Hi everyone,
We are located in Hill Top, on the northern end of the Southern Highlands of NSW.
We breed....
Sussex in Light, Silver, Coronation & Speckled.
Blue Swedish Ducks.
We have only small breeding pens continuously focusing on breed quality.
Kind Regards, Lisa

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Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:52 pm
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